Do you remember Transport Tycoon from 1994 ? Yes, we do !

Good morning everyone.

This is a historic milestone – we are happy to provide you a first post in our page ! And what this post will be about ? Of course, we will have a look on best game every we had play and it’s Transport Tycoon !

Transport Tycoon logoWell, i remember this day. I had 386 PC with 4 MB ram at home – no connection to internet  of course. One of my friends was just coming out from Colorado colleague with lof ot diskettes. It was a Xmass time and as i was young and bored i called him, if he is already at home, because i was sure, he will have some new games. He comes for a visit to house of my parents and after short talk, he picked up from his bag around 140 3,5″ diskettes. Copying just started :)

It tooks around 4 hours to copy everything, of course 3 of them gets damaged during his travel home. So after 4 hours, i started to decompress games ( i remember, it was RAR with blue screen ! ).

Do you still remember this blue window ?

rar dos version

Friends mom was just calling 4 times, if he is still at our house so he finally decided to leave, to make his mom happy ;). So as i mentioned, i continued to unpack games from rar archive. I created a directory for every game and so on …. and now i was just selecting directory with name TTD. I run it out , saw pretty nice graphic and start playing.


What was primary target of this game ?

Well, in 1994 it was something different. It wasn’t killing of enemies, but it was a strategy to build road/rail/ship and air transportation of people, but also wood, stock, grain. Target was easy – find out supplier and find our a factory, which needs goods. Once you had this, then you need to build a road or rail , buy a car or train and start moving goods around. For each “turnaround” you have received a money and with more money, you was able to do more transportation services and earn more. Simple, isn’t it ? Yeah, but if was not so easy. I remember how i bankrupt at minimum 10 times, because of stupid idea.

Of course you had a chance to select what you would like to transport – goods or people. With people it was easy – build up bus station or train station , connect it to another  city and start earning. Benefit was, that as for goods you had only 1 way of delivery and 2nd way was not income, but only less, with people you had a nice revenue in both ways, as they were transported from station A to B but also vice versa – from B to A !

And why you should do same/same/same again ?

Yes, this is nice question. But starting year was 1930 and during the time you was playing it, years were increasing, you got modern vehicles and trains and you was able to deliver more goods or transfer more people :)  The most interesting part of game was around 1980, where “vehicles and cars” which i remembers was actual.  And of course, once cities were growing, they have more people in, AIR transport was needed.

What is end year of game ?

Well, it was something around 2050 as i remember. What was interesting, that in that time UFO was flying in game around and also remember that once i reached final year for game, it was asking me, if i would like to play again from beginning or continue. Tell to true, this game never has “end” or target level and this is why we love it so much !

Is game still alive ?

Of course it is. There is a community around this game, they transfered game name to Open Transport Tycoon ( openTTD ). Those people are wonderfull, they are still creating a new vehicles, maps, online tournaments and everything around it. What is best – game is for free now !

What about playing it on Tablet or Phone ?

Well, i tried to install original openTTD to my iPAD. It’s for free on Apple Store, anyway controlling of game isn’t good. It wasn’t and it isn’t developed for touch screen ( as in 1994 i think nobody has touchscreen :) ). But after finding out alternatives i have found, that there is a game, totally remaked for iOS/Android and it’s called exactly same as old version – Transport Tycoon. You can find it out on Anyway it’s not free. It costs 3,99$ , but for this price is definitely something what you “must to own” :-)

How this game looks like ?

Well, it’s totally new graphic, new vehicle everything. Developers makes a usage of touch screen on it and it’s very comfortable to play it on touchscreen. But for now, i will stop and you can have a look on attached pictures below.

openttd ttd1 ttd2 ttd3