Clash of clans hack

Clash of clans’ tips and tricks can be kind of hard to find, at least the really good tips and tricks that is. The best trick is to use free Clash of clans hack. One thing that no one will ever tell you and will be very hard to do is to save all of your gems; it is best to spend them on things that mean more like something you can keep and not something that just helps you to speed up the production of something.  Here you can find clash of clans hack – not tested at all.


Also offense will be your best defense, build walls around everything and upgrade them as often and as much as you can, the stronger they are than the harder that they are to get through for the enemies. Of course you may find yourself waiting from time to time for more resources in order to finish your upgrading spree. Just know that it is all well worth it in the end.

Sunless sea review

Made by Failbetter games as a combination of RPG, strategy and adventure. Made really good. If you like London of 19th century, you will be thrilled. If you like fantasy without elf and troll, you will delighted. In fact you will find this game as a treasure among nowadays games. Let’s have a closer look what is the game I sing praises about.

sunless sea

As said above, the game is set to the Victorian London, which was taken over by magic forces. It is now called Fallen London. And the world is Unterzee, and there is always dark in there, and there are many things living and hiding from your ships’ lights. Be prepared for the fight, to hire the ships’ crew and to explore the world to reveal the story lines laying away from you. I will not tell more about the story or about the gameplay, just read some review on the bigger servers. I will tell you that this games take me into the world of imagination as other games failed to. It opened a whole new world for me to explore and the find. The gameplay is just as good as is and there is one issue – saving. Once you are killed it is definitive and you can’t load position from the last harbor. Or can you? It can be enabled in the menu and I recommend to do so for the people who do not like to play it from beginning and to explore everything from scratch. But for the people who likes to play again with some other choices, keep as is. One video with gameplay for you:


Just amazing graphics, imagination working on full throttle and you can look forward for new stories and for new DLC as the Unterzee is growing and evolving. Also keep in mind that this game was funded via Kickstarted and is the second game of the games studio. More information about the game can be found here.

PS: this game is available for MAC too.

Tapped Out Hack – Mobile Game Review for Simpsons Series Game

 The Simpsons cartoon has been a favorite of fans for over 20 years now. There is a new game featuring the Simpsons characters called Tapped Out Hack. This game is available for play on smartphones including the iPhone. Recently this phone has come out with a version for the Android operating system.This game is free to download and to play. The only thing that is required is a connection to the internet and the game play is unlimited. I recommend to check also special tool for this game HERE.

About Tapped Out Hack

In this game Homer accidentally caused a meltdown at the nuclear plant where he works. In fact the meltdown has wiped out the town. Now it is up to the player to rebuild Springfield. They need to tap into the city to recreate the town. You can make Springfield the way that you want it. Marge, Bart, Lisa, and even the Flanders are around to help. The more tasks that the player completes the more donuts they will earn. This means they will have a higher score.

There are many different fun options for game play as well. Tapped Out Hack mentioned can really help you to be much better in this game.  You can make Springfield look any way that you want it to and design your own town. There are some tasks that you are able to complete for donuts. There are some tasks that are favorites of the game players. One of the tasks will have a person grow and harvest tomaccos on the farm. Another task sends the players to Homer’s favorite place which is the Duff Brewery. There the player gets to party with the Duffman himself. You can also use the character of Bart to play pranks on the fellow characters and to collect cash and special rewards. Players can play with their friends and earn even more rewards as well. Players can take an adventure to Krustyland and see the clown. They can go on rides and try to outsmart Krusty in some special tasks.

Many players have given this game positive reviews. This game is a social game where players can help each other out. Real player have stated that this game has some amazing graphics. There are plenty of bright greens, yellows, and other colors. The animation of this game is top quality. It looks even better then the television shown. This game has all the characters and their catch phrased that the fans have come to know and love. Many users have also stated that this game is addictive to play. Once they start they cannot put it down. While the tasks and missions do offer a challenge to players they are not difficult enough where a player would be stuck for months. There are new updates that come out often to keep the game fresh and to add additional features. These updates feature seasonal theme as well as some new and additional features . The game will not share information with others once it is downloaded onto the phone. It make take a little while for all of the game features to load. Overall players have all positive things to say about the Simpsons Tapped Out Hack Game.

Is Castle Clash game already dead, or you still playing it ?

Today I would like to have a look on Castle Clash game. I remember I was playing this game, but somehow I stopped. I was looking around for fans of this game and now I would like to reveal, if Castle Clash game is still alive or it is not. I know you will not like it, but one of my friends reported tool, where you can add unlimited resources. It’s called Castle Clash Hack and you can find it here .

Castle Clash

Castle Clash is typical strategy game, target is to build up  your main base. For achieving this,  you will need to gather resources, build army and attack another players. Once you will get them all, you’re winner.  But it’s not typically so easy.

The game was released on November 15, 2013. During the first days, it took lot of players ( approximately 30k in first 2 weeks ).  The whole game is standard strategy, but there is a one difference between classical games – you can hire “heroes” if you have resources and your army is getting stronger with them.  Once you have a hero, he/she has a really good strength in attacks. What is interesting on this game – you can’t loose hero, only temporarily.  Each hero has a different skill (attack power, magic power).  You can get them for resources in a hero shop.

 castle clash hero

Well, this game is really interesting, as it will not finish (only in case all players will stop playing it).  According to IGN current statistics, Castle Clash game is currently distributed to around 16 million iOS and Android devices and game has around 10 millions active users. I would say, this is a great success and I can clearly state – game is still alive.

As I was once one of those 16 million players, I will tell you a short important tricks how to be a better in this game. In the times I was playing it, I always used following strategy – at first, get resources and build a lot of the towers. This will generally helps you to have a strong defence against the other players. Once the towers are done, continue with walls. This will helps you to move possible attackers to place, where towers are watching and they will be not able to attack you on the less defended places. But, what to do if you don’t have much resources? Answer is more then easy. You have 2 choices – first one is to build up base in way, that your building will be walls for you. You need to strategically place them, so they will create something like virtual wall and all your enemies will goes over them in very close position to towers, which will destroy them.

What to do after getting bulletproof main base ?

It’s easy, continue to gather resources, build your army. Get as much heroes as you can and attack your enemies. Once this will be done, I’m sure you will be the final winner in this game. One tip – if you have a tablet, it’s much easier to play it on big screen as on small smartphone. Control of Castle Clash game is the same, so you don’t need to worry that it will not work.

What to write in the end? Well, we found that game is still played by 10 millions of users, what definitely means game is still alive and it has a stable base of players. I think it’s awesome!


Metro: Redux

Did you play Metro 2033 and/or Metro: Last Light? No? And do you like something that was not here 3 billions times over and over again with minor modifications? Did you play it? Don’t worry this is still for you! And this is must have for the fans of books written by Dmitry Glukhovsky – Metro 2033 and Metro 2034.

metro_mainI would like to introduce this game to the people who played the original games and for the people never heard about this game. It’s tough task, but I will try. For new players, just skip the comparison

The authors of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last light took an advantage of releasing new consoles – PS4 and Xbox One and they are bringing remastered versions of the previously mentioned games to us. All together with all DLC released. And also for the faithful PC players. And for the right/fair price. Metro 2033 is quite old and Metro: Last light was not accepted as authors were hoping. This is their new attempt to make things right, but not just it. You will not get just same games with the new pretty graphics. It’s about more into deep. First was horror game where you counted each bullet and you had to explore, the second one was shooter. Some likes the first, some the second game. But now you can play Metro: Last light as you played Metro 2033 and vice versa. Because you can select the Survival or Spartan mode. Pretty good, isn’t it? And all in new fancy coat. Here is the comparison of the graphics:

metro_comparisonBut that is not just about the mode. But that is what I let you to try.

To the new players. If you have never heard about Dmitry or about Metro, then please know that Dmitry is a Russian author and the Metro is about post-apocalyptic world where people lives in Moscow’s metro. And the Moscow’s metro is the largest anti-nuclear shelter in the world – the remains of Cold war. And as the world is dead, the last humans are underground making what is necessary to survive. It is not as easy as it looks. The stations are like villages and the tunnels are dangerous. Also there are mutants attacking and the new treat – Dark Ones. I will not be telling you stories from both games. I will describe you the atmosphere. And that is what are these games about. You will be travelling through tunnels, fighting people or mutants. You will need ammo and the money. As a money they are using the old pre-war ammunition as it is much more powerful than home-made ammo. And off course there is a story. Artyom will tell you all you need to know. One picture is more than thousand words:






What do you think? Will you give it chance to impress you? Also everything is affected by everything and the guys that made this were also working on the STALKER, so you can expect something also from that. And from Call of Duty. Very good balanced mix and I will suggest you to read the books first. They are fantastic and will prepare you for this world.